Garrett D’Amore, CTO & Founder


Garrett has over 2 decades of experience building technologies for networking, systems, and storage, and leading technical teams to success.

He is most widely known as the founder of illumos, and the maintainer of nanomsg, but has developed software used in FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, ZFS and others.

He was also known for his work at Sun on the PSARC committee, which was responsible for the technical direction of Solaris.

Garrett led technical teams at companies like AMD, Qualcomm, Nexenta, and Sun Microsystems, as well as smaller companies like DEY Storage Systems. Distributed team technical leadership is a core competency for Garrett.

Garrett holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

At Staysail, Garrett is responsible for the day to day engineering tasks of the company.

Garrett currently lives in North San Diego county.

Evgeniia D’Amore, Director of Finance


Evgeniia (“Jeny”) hails from Russia, where she worked in the banking industry as a senior bank accountant in Chelyabinsk. At Snezhinsky Bank, she was responsible for handling accounts in the consumer mortage department.

Evgeniia’s education includes a Master’s in Finance and Economics from the Russian Institute of Economics.

At Staysail, Jeny handles all of our daily accounting, including customer billing, payroll, and financial reporting.

Evgeniia currently lives in North San Diego county.