NNG Reference Manual

(First Edition, May 2018 and June 2018)

Only issues found with the books are reported here. The NNG manual pages located on the NNG are tracked and updated using the NNG GitHub Issues page.

We went to press with this edition before 1.0.0 was officially released, and some last minute changes and discoveries were made.

There are two versions of the first edition. The May 2018 printed edition is printed by Ingram Spark on cream paper, and uses full justification throughout. The June 2018 printed edition is printed by Amazon, and uses left justified text on white paper. The only other changes are some extremely minor changes to the front matter, and repagination to cope with larger margin requirements at Amazon. Consequently, the June 2018 edition is 430 pages instead of 424.

The eBooks likewise have both May and June editions, with the only differences being a switch to left justification of the text and minor adjustments to the front matter.

No interior content (wording) was changed between the May and June 2018 versions. Consequently, the ISBNs were not changed.

  1. The description for nng_recv() fails to mention that NNG_FLAG_NONBLOCK may be used for non-blocking operation. The description of nng_recvmsg() does describe this flag, and the description located there can be used in the meantime. (NNG GitHub Issue)

  2. (Only in the May 2018 paperback printed edition.) The frontmatter indicates that the book is printed in the United States. We have changed the distribution network we use to gain global reach, and it’s likely that if you buy the book somewhere other than United States, that book will have been printed somewhere closer to you. This is both more economical, and more environnmentally friendly, as we don’t need to ship dead trees around the world. (For instance at this time, most copies sold in Europe are actually printed in the UK.)

  3. If you got the May 2018 Kindle download from Amazon, there are numerous formatting errors caused by Ingram’s poor conversion of ePub to MOBI. The June 2018 version corrects those errors. It also has a lower list price of $9.99.

  4. The Kindle editions from Amazon seem to have lost the visual icons for "TIP", "NOTE", and "IMPORTANT" indicators. This is a limitation on some Kindle readers. We will use images instead for the next edition.

  5. Various man pages for supplement HTTP and TLS functions refer to symbols using the prefix nni_ such as nni_tls_config. These names are internal, and should have been documented with nng_ prefixes. In your own code, replace any occurrence of nni_ with nng_.

  6. The ZeroTier transport does not require a development branch of the ZeroTierOne tree. See the file BUILD_ZEROTIER.adoc in the doc subdirectory of the NNG distribution for more current information.

  7. The IPC transport does accept relative URLs.